Alkane Truck Company offers high quality, medium-duty (26,000GVW) and medium heavy-duty (33,000GVW), cab-over trucks that are 100% dedicated natural gas vehicles. The Alkane Class 7 Truck features world standard fuel economy powered by Liquid Propane Autogas. Through the use of the powerful PSI 8.8 Liter, 535 CID, High Performance Liquid Propane Engine and Allison Transmission technology, these trucks will provide miles and miles of dependable and economical service. These trucks will also utilizes the Bi-Phase durability-tested, direct-injection, liquid propane fuel system. All Class 7 trucks are EPA and CARB certified for US highway use. In September, 2015 Alkane finalized its DOT compliance testing which allows the company to take orders and place trucks in its representative dealer locations for sales and service.

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Alkane Truck Company will bring to the market in 2017 a humvee-style 4WD, off-road workhorse that will replace the void left by the Hummer series. The Alkane Dominator™ is a rugged propane-powered vehicle that will be capable of traversing and terrain. It will be powered with a 6.0Liter PSI v* engine with a GM R90 6 speed automatic transmission.

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Alkane Truck Company will bring to the marketplace in late 2018 a heavy-duty (60,000GVW to 80,000GVW), cab-over tractor. These trucks will run on either LNG and/or CNG and will be equipped with American made heavy duty natural gas-powered engines. It is our goal to have the first EPA and CARB certified liquid-injected propane autogas-powered Class 8 tractors for the US market.
Think Green! Go Green!

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