LPG Powered Cab Over Class 8LPG Powered Cab Over Class 8

The Alkane TRuck Company LPG Powered Cab Over Class 8 is scheduled to complete sourcing and certification by the end of 2018…possibly sooner. There has been much consideration given to the Class 8 engine choice, and LPG power makes the most sense. As of this writing, LPG distribution exceeds all other alternative fuels making it an easy choice. It is especially appealing considering the torque and power we’ve been able to achieve with the recently certified Class 7 Cab Over.

LPG Distribution

LPG Distribution exceeds that of any other alternative fuel. To date there are over 4000 LPG fueling stations in America, and growth is expected to exceed 10,000 in a very short time period. LPG fueling growth is somewhat enabled by the cost effective construction / installation along with the current subsidies available to offset cost. Fleet operators will find terminal installation to be most affordable and much cleaner compared to diesel and gasoline stations. Long-haul routes with LPG are now more possible than ever before. Byt the time the Alkane Truck Company LPG Powered Cab Over Class 8 hits the market in 2018 even more long haul routes will be viable.

The Alkane Class 8 entry into the long-haul trucking industry will be powered by a 11.9 Litre U.S. made, heavy-duty engine backed up with a 10 speed Eaton automated transmission. It has taken Alkane engineers several years to finalize the design of this very important alternative for the trucking industry. Alkane will utilize its very unique “quick-turn” manufacturing model to assemble the Class 8 trucks in their Summerville, South Carolina facility. Just like the Alkane Class 7 and the Alkane Dominator™, the Class 8 is designed from the ground up to run on LPG making this another first in class development for Alkane.

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