LPG Class 7 Clears DOT CertificationLPG Class 7 Clears DOT Certification

Alkane Truck Company’s LPG Class 7 Clears DOT Certification are words we’ve been waiting almost 5 years and several million dollars to write. Our engineers and development team have work tirelessly to create a viable alternative to diesel and gasoline powered trucks for fleet operators. The Class 7 cab over is the first in its class to be designed from the ground up to run on LPG (Liquid Propane Autogas). This truck is not the result of an after-market up fit, and its engine is not a conversion. This vehicle is truly the first of its kind. The industry spoke and we listened.

Why Cab Over

After interviewing fleet operators about the use of the Class 7, it became obvious that intercity maneuverability was a top priority to most. The cab over design offers better visibility in tight places and fits the needs of many fleet managers with a variety of unfit configurations. No matter what the payload, the Alkane Class 7 can handle the task.

Why Liquid Propane?

For starters, LPG distribution is more advanced than any other alternative fuel. Propane became the obvious choice after our engineers shared the the engine performance metrics. The Alkane Liquid Propane Auto-gas Powered Class 7 Cab-Over truck comes equipped with a Power Solutions International (PSI) 8.8 Liter big block engine with a durability-tested Bi-Phase Technologies Liquid Propane Autogas and is complemented by the Allison 2500 series heavy duty automatic transmission. Due to less carbon build-up and friction, natural gas powered engines generally surpass the life cycle of their gasoline and diesel counterparts.

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