Alkane Truck Company is the leader in U.S. manufactured trucks and off-road vehicles that run on liquid propane (LPG) and (CNG) compressed natural gas. We are currently taking orders for our class 7 26,000GVW to 33,000GVW cab-over truck. In 2017 we will have concluded DOT testing on our Alkane Dominator™ which is a humvee-like, all terrain workhorse that is suitable for off-road and specialty applications. In 2018, our class 8 tractor is scheduled to finish DOT testing and will be available for dealer orders. All of these vehicles will run on clean-burning, domestically produced liquid propane. The Alkane Dominator™ will also be offered with a 6.8L V8 gasoline engine. A standard feature of the Dominator™ is the overall Line-X Polurea coating, which prevents rust, scratches and abrasions to all painted surfaces. Alkane’s engineers are also developing bullet-resistant armoring for police and military applications.

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The Dominator™ – A New Generation

Advantages of a Cab Over Design

Alkane Class 7 Trucks

Alkane Class 8 Trucks

Alternative Fueled Trucks

Alkane Truck company is a leader in the development of alternative fueled trucks.  Alkane  provides a one stop solution for propane powered medium and heavy duty trucks, and the all-new all-terrain workhorse Alkane Dominator™. Our liquid propane auto-gas (LPG) powered vehicles are not after-market add-ons or conversions. They are the first cab-over vehicles of their respective weight classes designed from the ground up to run on clean and abundant LPG.

Why Alkane?

  • We provide Alternative fueled trucks…Medium Duty Trucks, Medium Heavy Trucks, Humvee-style Trucks and Heavy Duty Tractors which run on Liquid Propane Autogas (LPG), or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) at competitive prices.
  • We offer customized trucks which meet or exceed the distributor’s specific requirements such as Tanker Trucks, Beverage Delivery Trucks, Propane Delivery, Box Delivery and Heavy Duty (Cab-Over Double-Sleeper) Tractors and others.
  • We provide advanced LPG, CNG-Powered Trucks, using Powerful Big Block Engines, 6 Speed Automatic Transmissions or Manual Transmissions with Natural Gas Fuel Systems.
  • All our vehicles are sold and serviced by existing dealerships both nationally and internationally and that we are currently in the process of assigning those dealerships.

The Alkane Dominator™

After 2007 the Hummer H1 and H2 were no longer sold in the U.S. Alkane Truck Company fills that void with its 4WD humvee-style Alkane Dominator™. A rugged and versatile workhorse, the Dominator™ is powered by a 6.0L V8 and R90, 4 speed automatic transmission. With military DNA and all-terrain toughness the Dominator™ can navigate any terrain, including 40 inches of water.
Alkane’s engineers are developing bullet-resistant armor for specialty applications like police and military. The Dominator™ is available in either propane or gasoline engines.

Why Liquid Propane (LPG)?

LPG is abundantly available here in the United States, and lessens our dependence on foreign oil. It burns cleaner than diesel and gasoline and therefore helps clean up our environment. LPG distribution is more advanced than any other alternative fuel. Alkane Truck Company and its engineers have been able to create the kind of torque that truckers want and need with our alternative fueled trucks while maintaining greater fuel efficiency. Since the Propane engines emit less carbon, engine longevity is a bonus.

Competitive Pricing

Alkane’s alternative fuel trucks are priced comparable to their counterparts that run on gasoline or diesel. With the liquid injected propane fuel system, the horsepower and torque are identical as gasoline with diesel-like performance. Propane is abundant in this country and fueling stations are growing in number (over 3800). With the cost per gallon being less than gasoline or diesel, it makes sense to make propane the fuel of choice.

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Anticipated production date is based upon timely receipt of requisite funding.

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