Alkane Class 8 Cab Over – Announcement

The Alkane Class 8 Cab Over is scheduled for sourcing and certification by mid-year 2018 and will be powered by liquid propane auto-gas. Follow our NEWS tab for the latest developments.

Alkane Truck Company proudly introduces a high quality, heavy-duty, cab-over tractor that provides long service life and high resale value. The Alkane Class 8 Tractor features world standard fuel economy powered by Liquid Propane (LPG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

This truck is projected to go through DOT compliance testing in 2018 and will then be ready for dealer orders.

Using natural gas means annual savings of thousands of dollars that could ultimately translate into doubling your income.  Each mile that you travel you will soon realize that the savings are huge and your decision to utilize natural gas was the right one. THE TIME IS NOW! — Think Green! Go Green!

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