100% Electric Battery Powered Long-Range Trucks

evLABs’ innovative technology consists of an AC electric motor, power controller, a battery management system, and a battery pack of 100% recyclable lithium batteries. Our intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) keeps batteries  under constant supervision to forecast any issues within the battery packs weeks before any type of failure can occur, allowing ample time to perform any required maintenance. Battery packages are offered based on client’s duty cycle.



The Vehicle Control Module (VCM) is built in-house and is programmable, user friendly, with 3 CAN BUS interface and Wi-Fi capability in the near future. evLABs does not require specialty parts for the truck–making  service easy through existing repair facility infrastructure.  Vendors/partners are considered the best in the EV industry. evLABs’ programming controls power during incline, stop, idle hold and incline from a dead stop, while conforming to the same existing DMV standards for hill climb speed as diesel or gas counterparts.


The electric motor offers 325HP and 480 lbs-ft torque to handle hill and ramp climbs at 28% incline.


No other EV truck on the market today can offer this new all- electric drivetrain equaling or exceeding the performance of its diesel or gas counterparts. 


All parts are the most reliable in the market and supplied by only top tier vendors. 


Easy maintenance.  All drivetrain and battery pack connections are easy to find, easy to install and color coded.

What makes us different?

evLABs has developed a new Battery Management System (BMS) technology that keeps batteries under constant supervision to forecast any issues within the battery pack weeks before any type of failure can occur, allowing ample time to perform required maintenance.

evLABs also uses most of the OEM parts and is designed to use existing maintenance and repair infrastructures throughout the ALKANE dealer network.  By using these existing parts and maintenance procedures, evLABs’ drivetrains and battery packs can be maintained and repaired anywhere in the world–unlike Tesla or BYD, which require special facilities and/or groups to repair and maintain their electric drivetrains and battery packs.

With an established network of partners, evLABs is poised to take advantage of the growing consumer and commercial demand for innovative alternative energy solutions.  After thorough research and development, patents and partnership building, evLABs is strategically positioned to become a leader in this rapidly growing and lucrative powertrain market.

No operator training is required because all functions and parts remain 100% identical inside cab–same throttle, same shifter, same ignition, same braking, same air gauges with new digital speedometer and battery-power gauges.



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100% OEM design and parts stay intact in interior of cab