Alkane Truck Company announces the arrival of the 15 Passenger Maxi Taxi Van, The Islander, to the Dominican Republic and Trinidad.   Working with established dealerships in each location, Alkane Truck Company will offer the line of integrated natural gas powered vans in both compressed natural gas (CNG), and liquefied propane Autogas (LPG).

Also available in both left and right hand drive, these 15 Passenger Vans are a natural fit for the two Caribbean nations.  They represent a huge potential for fuel cost savings in each nation’s government and tourism industries.  Pilot models of these vans have been in use in each country since midsummer and have performed with outstanding results.

Natural gas is abundant and cost effective in the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and the transportation sector, both public and private, is rapidly moving away from diesel and gasoline to cleaner, cheaper, natural gas.

Alkane Van #2The Islander Maxi Taxis are comfortable and stylish, and the wide-body and high-roof provides spacious room for 15 passengers plus driver. The curb appeal has brought the most conversation due to the Islander’s elegant and classy lines.

Steve Rayborn, the Global Sales Director for Alkane Truck Company, accompanied the pilot vans to each port of destination. “We are very excited about the engineering results and the performance of these natural gas powered vans. Not only did they exceed our expectations, they are creating quite a stir in the Caribbean with the local dealers and transportation firms.”

The arrival of the 15 Passenger Islander Van signifies the launch of the entire Alkane Truck Company Dedicated Natural Gas fleet to the Caribbean Marketplace.  Established international dealerships will soon see delivery of a 30 Passenger model bus, as well as a medium-duty, Class 7, Natural Gas powered truck.  The Class 7 trucks are set to arrive in the Dominican Republic with dedicated LPG powered fuel systems, and will be used in several applications throughout the country, including box truck delivery, beverage delivery, garbage removal, and flatbed applications.

Alkane Truck Company is headquartered in Myrtle Beach, SC with a 100,000 sq. ft. assembly facility in Summerville, SC.  Alkane is dedicated to the integration and assembly of 100% dedicated natural gas powered vehicles.

For more information on the Islander 15 Passenger Natural Gas Van, or on any of the Dedicated Natural Gas vehicles offered by Alkane Truck Company, please contact Steve Rayborn, Global Sales Director, at (843) 839-0109 or