Alkane Truck Company, a manufacturer of natural gas and propane powered vehicles, will introduce two new Propane Autogas-powered trucks at the NPGA (National Propane Gas Association) Southeastern Convention International Propane Expo in Atlanta, Georgia – April 13-15. A purpose-built tanker truck for propane gas distributors, and a Business Class Freightliner M2 106, a medium heavy truck with open bed, are the first two vehicles brought to market by Alkane. Both will be on display in the exhibit hall at the expo and both models are available for order. The M2 106 features a Liberator 6.1 liter one-of-a-kind purpose-built dedicated propane powered engine that delivers equal or greater performance than any diesel engine of equal displacement, delivering 680 pounds of torque @ 1900 rpms.

Myrtle Beach-based Alkane Truck Company, along with its sister company, Valor Motor Cars, are manufacturers of purpose built natural gas and propane gas powered vehicles. Alkane Truck Company manufactures custom-built alternative fuel powered trucks and buses, while Valor Motor Cars manufactures passenger vehicles. The company was formed in 2010 to meet the growing demand for alternative fuel-powered transportation and has partnered with leading engineering, parts, and assembly companies to design, manufacture, and deliver their line of vehicles. Strategic partners include Freightliner, Fontaine Modification, Certification Services International, Roush CleanTech, Progress Tank, and Mickey Truck Bodies. Alkane’s line of natural gas/propane powered trucks include medium to heavy duty trucks for a variety of fleet applications like beverage, tankers, waste disposal, and utility. Alkane also offers a line of school and municipal buses in multiple classifications.

“We are extremely pleased to introduce our first two vehicles to the U.S. and international markets at the NPGA’s Southeastern Convention”, says Bob Smith, founder and CEO of Alkane Truck Company and Valor Motor Company. “We’ve worked diligently to design and deliver only the highest quality natural gas and propane powered trucks, buses, and passenger vehicles that meet or exceed all performance, utility, and safety specifications for the industry. Driven by government regulation and incentives along with benefits like lower fuel costs, increased efficiency, eco-friendliness, and fuel independence, the demand for natural gas and propane powered vehicles is growing dynamically and Alkane Truck was formed to meet the need for purpose built trucks and buses. While many fleet operators are converting their diesel and standard gas vehicles to natural gas or propane, now they can purchase new fleet trucks and buses from Alkane.”

The NPGA event in Atlanta is the propane industry’s largest convention and exposition with over 5,000 members of the industry expected to attend. Propane is a critical part of America’s comprehensive strategy, and answers the call for clean, domestic, and abundant fuel. Commented Steve Rayborn, Vice President of Sales for Alkane, “The NPGA convention is an excellent opportunity to introduce our first trucks as we will have the opportunity to demonstrate our outstanding propane tanker for propane gas delivery to the propane industry. In addition, the conference is attended by many fleet managers that are looking to source alternative fuel-powered vehicles. Interest in natural gas and propane powered transportation is at an all-time high and growing. Alkane Truck Company is poised to play a vital role in delivering solutions to the U.S. and international markets.”

Alkane Truck Company, manufactures natural gas and propane powered vehicles, and will introduce two new Propane Autogas-powered trucks at the NPGA (National Propane Gas Association) Southeastern Convention International Propane Expo in Atlanta, Georgia – April 13-15. Alkane provides a one stop solution to distributors of alternative fuel vehicles. The company provides medium to heavy duty trucks and buses which run on liquid propane, compressed natural gas, or liquid natural gas at competitive prices. Alkane offers customized trucks which meet or exceed the industry’s specific requirements such as tanker trucks, beverage delivery trucks, waste management trucks, and others. Alkane uses all American parts and systems for their trucks, buses, gliders, engines, transmissions, and fuel systems.