Alkane Truck Company, a manufacturer of propane powered vehicles, announced today the implementation of its nationwide direct mail campaign to propane marketers in the states of NC, SC, and GA. Alkane’s line of Propane Autogas powered medium to heavy duty trucks are ideally suited for fleet applications like beverage, tankers, waste disposal, and utility. Propane distributers will be the target of Alkane’s first marketing wave, launched today.

“No longer are Propane distributors locked into the high prices of gasoline or diesel for their fleets”, says Steve Rayborn, National Sales Director for Alkane Truck Company. “Now, they can fuel their trucks with the very product they deliver.”

The potential for cost savings is driving the decision for many fleets to make the switch to LPG, or Liquid Propane Autogas. Current nationwide fuel prices average $2.00 to $3.00 less than those of gasoline or diesel. “Depending on the number of trucks in a distributer’s fleet, this can represent hundreds of thousands of dollars saved annually”, Rayborn says.

Interest in alternative fueled vehicles for fleets is at an all-time high and growing. Several Federal and State incentives exist for the purchase and use of alternative fueled vehicles, and for Propane Autogas in particular. In Georgia, for example, an income tax credit is available to individuals who purchase or lease a new dedicated AFV to operate solely on an alternative fuel. The amount of the tax credit is 10% of the vehicle cost, up to $2,500. The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources is currently offering Diesel Emission Reduction Grantsfor the incremental cost of purchasing original equipment manufacturer alternative fuel vehicles and implementing idle reduction programs.

“We are extremely pleased to unveil our alternative fuel vehicles to the U.S. marketplace”, says Bob Smith, founder and CEO of Alkane Truck Company. “We’ve worked diligently to design and deliver only the highest quality propane powered trucks that meet or exceed all performance, utility, and safety specifications for the industry. Driven by government regulation and incentives along with benefits like lower fuel costs, increased efficiency, eco-friendliness, and fuel independence, the demand for natural gas and propane powered vehicles is growing dynamically and Alkane Truck was formed to meet the need for purpose built trucks. While many fleet operators are converting their diesel and standard gas vehicles to natural gas or propane, now they can purchase new fleet trucks from Alkane.”