Alkane Truck Company unveiled its new Class 7 cab–over truck at the Southeastern Alternative Fuels Expo and Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina this past Wednesday.  The Conference and Expo covered biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, propane and gas, featured speakers from around the Southeast and covered topics such as Autogas for the golf resort and turf industry, policy and trends relating to air quality and economic development, increasing fleet efficiency while saving money, self-driving or autonomous cars, fuels of the future and ride sharing, to name a few.  Conference attendants and participants were enthusiastic about the unveiling of Alkane’s dedicated propane Autogas powered truck, favorably commenting on its power and price point.

Alkane’s class 7 cab-over truck is offered in both 26,000 and 33,000 GVW weight classes and is certified EPA, CARB and DOT for use on US highways.  The power train is a GM block, PSI 8.8 liter engine with the 2500 Series Allison 6-Speed automatic transmission.  The fuel system is durability-tested and proven and is provided by Bi-Phase Technologies. Alkane Truck Company is a 100% dedicated natural gas truck manufacturer headquartered in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. This truck featured at the Raleigh show will be in full production in the first quarter of 2015.  Triad Services Group near Chicago, Illinois completed engineering, modification and integration of all the power components.

Alkane’s integration and assembly is completed in the company’s 100,000 sq. ft. facility in Summerville, South Carolina.  Coastal Logistics Group and Triad Services Group will oversee the assembly process.

Alkane Truck Company will sell these vehicles through its established network of 130 truck dealerships throughout the U.S. and Canada.  The cab and chassis can be fitted with various bodies from a variety of suppliers to accommodate niche market needs that include: the refuse industry, the beverage delivery industry and the propane delivery industry.

On the last day of the Alternative Fuels Conference, a panel of speakers, including government personnel and research specialists, fielded questions about the future of transportation, about research by the U.S. Department of Energy, the smart grid, autonomous vehicles and future fuels.  Alkane sees natural gas as a key component of America’s energy future.  Transitioning away from foreign oil dependency and taking advantage of domestically produced natural gas is the motivation that moved Alkane’s founder and C.E.O., Bob Smith.  “Natural gas is the future of America’s national security. We must move as quickly as we can away from high-priced foreign oil towards clean-burning and inexpensive, natural gas.”