Alkane Dominator™ Officially UnveiledAlkane Dominator™ Officially Unveiled

And the headline reads….Alkane Dominator™ Officially Unveiled! There’s no shortage of excitement around the corporate offices of Alkane Truck Company of late. Yes, we are very excited about the announcement to build the Alkane Dominator™. This all-terrain workhorse will be powered by a 6.0 liter Liquid Propane Autogas (LPG) hi-torque engine.

Filling the void left by the Hummer H1 and H2 when they were discontinued in 2006, The Alkane Dominator™ is expected to appeal to a wide variety of markets. It fits the application for municipal fire & safety, military, Homeland Security, and civilian off-road enthusiasts. While priced more in the range of the H2, this new brute of a utility vehicle has the versatility of the H1.  The H1 topped out at around $128,000 (MSRP) in 2006. In today’s dollars that would be more like $170,000 with normal MSRP increases and the consumer price index. Preliminary indications are that the Alkane Dominator™ will hit the market at about half that.

The Alkane Dominator™ will indeed be a powerhouse. The 6 liter LPG engine will be backed up by the rugged and proven Allison transmission. Allison is known for handling the brute force delivered by some of the industry’s strongest diesel and gasoline engines. Alkane’s engineers have been able to produce comparable torque with their LPG engines and that makes having the proven durability of the Allison a big part of the overall performance metric.

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